When people hear the word, Barbados, one popular word comes to mind. Beach! Then adjectives like pristine; breathtaking; awesome; and soothing immediately follow. The list is endless. When you visit most beaches, there will be something for you to do, whether you are looking to scuba dive, snorkel, parasail, Jet Ski, kayak or just swim in the clear waters.

Brighton Beach

Brighton's Beach Barbados


The beautiful Brighton Beach can be found on the south west in St. Michael, close to the Barbados Cruise Terminal.  Popular among the locals and visitors, Brighton Beach boasts dreamy white sands, and gorgeous sunsets, which is best enjoyed with your loved one.

Go for a light jog or stroll along the beach or work up a sweat by playing paddle ball with friends on the sand. There is the Weisers on the Bay restaurant where you can enjoy scrumptious fish cakes and our local dish, Pudding & Souse on Saturdays.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach Barbados


Miami Beach (by the way, we are not referring to the one in Miami, Florida!) is located on the lively south coast, in the parish of Christ Church. The eastern side has waves that are great for the “boogie boarder” in you while the western side is shallow and serene, making it ideal for children. You can even rent boogie boards and beach chairs while on the beach.

The highlight of a day at Miami Beach comes when you enjoy delicious Bajan food such as fish cakes, roti and some of the tastiest rum punch from The Mr. Delicious food truck!

Silver Sands Beach

Silver Sands Beach Barbados

Silver Sands Beach is the go-to beach for windsurfers. Located on the south coast of Barbados, this beach is known for the Waterman Festival every February. This festival is where the surfing, windsurfing, and kite surfing pros from all over the world flock to compete, and is definitely worth pulling up a beach chair for.

Crane Beach

Crane Beach Barbados

The Crane Beach, located on the east coast, in St. Philip has been described as “one of the Ten Best Beaches in the World” by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. We know why! Pretty pink sands and turquoise waves beckon as you walk onto the Crane Beach. Spread a towel on the sand or rent a beach chair, go for a swim, boogie board, snorkel or just laze in the sun!

Even though there is public access to the beach, it is not the easiest to traverse. To have easier access to it, the Crane Hotel offers a day pass redeemable at their bar and restaurants, and allows you to use the elevator and the stairs leading down onto the main beach.

Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay Barbados


When you visit the parish of St. Philip on the south east coast, be sure to visit Bottom Bay, a gorgeous secluded beach. Known for being a popular picnic spot, it is quite picturesque as it is partially surrounded by striking coral cliffs and populated with swaying palm trees, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere for families and couples. However it is not the ideal spot for swimming as the rolling waves are enormous with a serious undertow.

Many homes are being built on the tops of the cliffs overlooking the beach and those living there report spotting turtles and whales in the waters below the rocks.

If you are looking for a serene and rejuvenating ocean, pop across to Harrismith Beach and have an invigorating dip in the shallow lagoon protected by the reef. Note that there are no lifeguards on duty at Harrismith.


Bathsheba Beach Barbados


What’s in a name? The name of one of Barbados’ prime beaches on the east coast, Bathsheba, is based on the legend of Bathsheba, the wife of King David, who bathed in milk to make her skin flawless and soft. Legend has it that the white, foamy mineral-rich waters of Bathsheba are similar to Bathsheba’s bath, both in appearance and health properties.

This beach located in St. Joseph on the rugged east coast, leave many a visitor enthralled by the majestic striking rock formations, which have broken away from coral reefs many years ago.

The Soup Bowl at Bathsheba Beach, renowned for its towering whitecaps, is the home of many local and international surfing competitions. This is an ideal place to surf, with steady big rollers coasting in across the Atlantic Ocean.

Caution! Swimming at Bathsheba is dangerous and not recommended unless you are with someone who is familiar with the area. There are treacherous rip tides and undertows.

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