6 Beaches in Barbados that Will Make You Go WOW!

When people hear the word, Barbados, one popular word comes to mind. Beach! Then adjectives like pristine; breathtaking; awesome; and soothing immediately follow. The list is endless. When you visit most beaches, there will be something for you to do,

A View from Sandgate House Vacation Rentals

Imagine opening your eyes every morning to beautiful, brilliant blue skies beckoning you to bask in the euphoric feeling swirling around you like a balmy, Bajan* breeze. Or imagine listening to the soothing whoosh of waves delicately crashing against the

What to do in Barbados

Enjoy all of what Barbados has to offer Experience Barbados’ best. On land or off road, on the water or underwater, day or night. Barbados has something to offer everyone, whether you are the adventurous type or more easy going.

Barbados Beaches

About Barbados

Barbados is indeed the ideal island for a perfect vacation getaway. Known both locally and around the world by names such as Island in the Sun, Gem of the Caribbean or little England, Barbados has so much to offer. The