Imagine opening your eyes every morning to beautiful, brilliant blue skies beckoning you to bask in the euphoric feeling swirling around you like a balmy, Bajan* breeze. Or imagine listening to the soothing whoosh of waves delicately crashing against the shore every morning AND evening. Simply stay at the luxurious villa, the Sandgate House, and experience this bliss!
The Sandgate House, located on the south west of Barbados on Brighton Beach, St. Michael, is in close proximity to Bridgetown (the UNESCO World Heritage site) where you can indulge in Duty Free shopping and souvenir collection; Mount Gay Distilleries, the home of “the rum that invented rum” and the historic cricket mecca, Kensington Oval, where the statue of Sir Garry Sobers “the greatest cricketer the world has ever seen” salutes you.
If you’re craving rest and relaxation, feel free to take long, luxurious strolls along Brighton beach in the evenings as the sun descends, unveiling the awe-inspiring Bajan sunset, as you happily sip on Piña Colada. If you’re the more adventurous type, go scuba diving or parasailing, take a ride on a jet ski or try your hand at the newest craze, jet blading! Rent a car with Top Class Car Rentals and head north to visit the picturesque Animal Flower Cave and experience scrumptious Bajan cuisine; and then make your way inland to Harrison’s Cave, one of Barbados’ majestic natural wonders.
Sandgate House offers a home away from home experience except with an envious breathtaking beach view! You’ll never get bored as there’s always something to do while on holiday in Barbados.

*Bajan (informal) – people of Barbados (the formal term is Barbadian)

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